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 A is for Apathetic

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PostSubject: A is for Apathetic   Fri Apr 10, 2015 10:08 am

“Oh Avis please do hurry up,” a tired looking woman with dark hair flecked with silver ran a hand through her hair as she crammed some stray notes on the floor into her briefcase, while her six year old son continued to calmly sort through his toys, deciding which one would be best to bring to his first day of school.

His graceful white cat Familiar Odette was curled up beside him, one eye occasionally opening to check that Avis hadn’t gone anywhere, before slowly closing again.

They wouldn’t be late; they never were, as his mother always insisted on leaving an hour before they had to be anywhere, accounting for all sorts of catastrophes in her head, however unlikely they were. But, as she seemed particularly stressed this morning he put down his other toys and placed his train inside the dark sporty looking rucksack with a logo on. Avis hadn’t chosen it for any sort of statement, it was simply a case of when they went shopping for his school stuff, and the only appropriate sized rucksacks had been the ones with logos on.

Slipping the bag onto his shoulders, he left his room, confident that Odette would follow him when next she opened her eyes to check on him, and sure enough, before he was whisked out of the Apartment by his flustered mother, his Familiar was by his side again.

Usually his mother got the subway to work, while one of their neighbours had driven him to preschool with her own child, and no doubt they would go back to that pattern eventually as it would be Keenan’s first day at school too.

Avis didn’t really like Keenan or his parents, just because they were always so obviously wrong about everything, and it frustrated him that he had to be polite and just nod along while they told him that he shouldn’t be playing with his plastic train or fluffy mass-production toys, but get some wooden ones instead, or ask his mum to make one for him.

Out of the corner of his eye as they left the door to their apartment, Avis spotted Keenan with his mother. Keenan’s mother waved in a friendly fashion, but his own mother was in far too much of a rush to notice.

Unlike a usual day, his mother would not be catching the subway, and Avis couldn’t help but feel a little touched that she was risking time at the office to drive him in for his first day.

Moving a fast but steady pace, the dark haired boy followed his mother to the lift, just staying quiet while she complained about how it wasn’t moving fast enough. The lift moved at the same speed it always did, and her stamping about on it like that would just slow it down or break it if anything.

Once they were down in the basement of the Apartments where all the cars were parked, Avis let her hurry him towards their small Car, climbing into the backseat, while his mother threw herself into the driver’s seat and chucked her briefcase onto the one next to her.

There wasn’t really much of a conversation in the Car, just a lot of complaining from his mother about how they’d never be there on time because a lorry had just pulled out in front of them, warning him that he’d have to be ready to jump out the moment they arrived as she needed to get to work and avoid the morning rush, Avis just nodded along, not really listening, running his fingers absentmindedly through Odette’s fur.

His mother’s Familiar was an independent tom-cat who often vanished for days at a time, so it wasn’t unusual not to have him here with them.

Probably breaking several driving and speeding regulations on the way, they finally pulled up in front of the school to an empty playground, around twenty-minutes earlier than he was meant to be here.

Thankfully his mother parked the car properly and got out with him, looking around at the empty playground.
“Well I’m sure the other children will be here soon, and I can see the teachers moving about through the windows so you’re not on your own,” she gave her son a small smile and a sigh, reaching down and hugging him tightly, “I have to go now, but I’m sure everything will go well, I’ll see you at Dinner, Keenan’s mother will be taking you back to her place to play until I get home.”

Avis fought back a grimace at this idea, but if it showed his mother pretended not to notice as she released him from the hug. He couldn’t wait for the day he was old enough to take himself home, or at least just stay in the apartment by himself until mum got home.

With Odette by his side, pulling his rucksack more securely onto his shoulders, Avis marched forwards towards the school.
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PostSubject: Re: A is for Apathetic   Sat Apr 11, 2015 3:56 am

Love it! This story is amazing - great characterisations, and I love the little mentions the other characters! So much to build on! ; 7 ; <333
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A is for Apathetic
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