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 B if for Butter

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PostSubject: B if for Butter   Tue Apr 14, 2015 8:56 pm

The six-year-old scowled furiously down at the box of popcorn in his lap. Who of Earth ate this stuff??

"But Mummy, I don't want this," he whispered as the common folk in the audience below began to grow quieter.

Said Mummy turned to peer down at her son with a look of weary patience. He was possibly the fussiest child to feed in the history of Shiiro. "Byron, darling, I said that if you managed to try even a little, I'd buy you whatever else you fancied during the interim. Please, my sweetheart? I'm sure that you'll like it." Her marmoset familiar, Rome, watched them from his perch elevated perch on the balcony-style wall of their booth.

Byron's scowl transformed into a full-out glower (which was most improper of a young gentleman, he knew) but he said no more, useless to deny his Mummy's wishes. He was the man of the family, and so it was his duty to do as he was asked and act like a grown up. With that in mind, he gingerly selected the smallest piece of popcorn he could spot, and raised it for a hesitant sniff. After it seemed to pass that stage, he poked his tongue out from between his lips and gave it a hesitant lick.

Flavours - sweet and buttery, exploded to life in his mouth, and he stared down at the piece of popcorn in shocked surprise, before slowly beginning to nibble on it.

Julia, his familiar, clambered up beside him, her form flickering between capuchin and squirrel monkey as she went. She followed her humans lead and took a piece, popping it into her mouth with a lot less hesitancy.

Mrs Honda watched on in tired, loving relief, thinking that her little boy was slowly maturing. He'd be starting school soon, after all, and he'd be turning into a proper young man. Even if it was a school for the more... common of society, she felt it was best. She wanted her son to grow up in a happy, healthy environment with other children his age - not locked up in some miserable, aristocratic boarding school, too far away to see his own mother. Mrs Honda was sure that she wouldn't have been able to live without her baby - it was hard enough watching him grow up as it was!
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PostSubject: Re: B if for Butter   Tue Apr 14, 2015 11:28 pm

Ah we get to meet a Honda.
Who'd of thought you'd find a parent that was trying to get their kid to eat popcorn, haha~
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B if for Butter
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