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 I is for Important

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PostSubject: I is for Important   Tue Apr 14, 2015 11:42 pm

Ivy sat down carefully in her seat between her mother and older sister Daria, their familiar's nestled comfortably behind them in the special box that daddy had picked out for them.
They'd only been in Shiiro a few months now, Ivy and her sister would be starting at the local Elementary this coming April, but until then their parents had been trying to integrate them into this... 'quaint' little island as much as possible.

Last week they'd spent a couple of nights in Kuro, seeing the sights and getting some shopping done. Kuro wasn't exactly like their old home on the mainland, but it certainly had more honest life to it than Shiiro. Ivy wasn't quite sure what it was about the glistening white city, but it just seemed... too nice, too good to be true.

Their time in their new home had been spent unpacking, hiring a new cook and maid, as well as learning the local language. While it was easy enough to pick up parts of it that were in a similar tongue to her old country, others were absolutely foreign to her. What if she couldn't learn it all by the time she started school? Would the other children laugh at her? Ivy wasn't sure she could bare that.

Today they were watching a ballet performance of Swan Lake at the theater. It was all terribly boring to be honest, but she knew daddy wanted them to enjoy it so she made an effort to look as if she was interested and asked him questions about what was happening, daddy always liked to be asked questions.

The only reason they'd come to Shiiro was because daddy had been given part of the company to manage over here. It was an excellent promotion as mummy put it, but Ivy still couldn't help but wish that daddy had just kept his old job so they could stay at home, their proper home.
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PostSubject: Re: I is for Important   Wed Apr 15, 2015 9:57 am

I love Ivy's thoughts that Shiiro is just TOO perfect - almost to an uncomfortable, unnatural extent - so true! Shiiro would be almost eerie, in real life!!

Also, she comes across as a very serious, thoughtful kid!! x'D
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I is for Important
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