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 F is for Focussed

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PostSubject: F is for Focussed   Wed Apr 15, 2015 10:15 am

The dark haired young girl stared firmly at her reflection, thinking that maybe there was a littl emore colour in her cheeks than the previous day. She was certain, in fact, that she was looking better again! She would not miss her first days at school! She'd promised herself that she would be better for her first day at school, and it seemed that maybe - just maybe - her focus was paying off.

Hans was better today as well - he was far brighter in his tank, working together with the other, wild polyps that Frenchie's mother and father had sourced for him. Hans formed a large part of one of the coral tentacles, and although he clearly still wasn't supposed to be a part of the coral he was currently living on he was, for the moment at least, calm and settled.

Done with the mirror (for now at least), Frenchie slowly made her way back to her bed, still feeling tight chested and tired out. Her father would be back any moment now with chicken broth and onigiri balls for her lunch, as well as her next lot of medication.

Frenchie smiled to herself as she settled back into her pillows, mind racing to the possibilities of school. Her silly cousin April would be there, and she was sure it would be brilliant (if not at times tiresome). Despite her usual pessimism, Frenchie felt hopefully. The sound of the water swaying and running through the filter in Hans' tank was comforting reassurance that otherwise, her familiar was unable to give her.
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F is for Focussed
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