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 J is for Judging

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PostSubject: J is for Judging   Sun Apr 19, 2015 10:40 pm

Jun had decided that he didn't like Baby Annabelle at all. All she did was shriek and snot and scream. She was sticky, noisy and smelly. Plus, Daddy didn't have any time for Jun any more. Sometimes Jun didn't blame Mummy for leaving them here./ Who wanted a stinky, dribbly baby to come home to? Plus, Jun felt incredibly left out.

The six-year-old stared at the television with  a put out expression, his different coloured eyes intent on the show that he couldn't quite hear over Baby Belle's squawking. Tater whined unhappily at one of the baby's particularly loud shrieks. Jun petted the rottweiler pup where it was buried in his arms and kissed it atop the head.

If Daddy wanted to spend all of his time of the baby, then  that was fine. Jun had Tater, anyway.
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J is for Judging
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