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 L is for Lark and Levity

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PostSubject: L is for Lark and Levity   Sun Apr 19, 2015 11:32 pm

Levi practically threw himself at the wall, covered from head to toe in bright blue paint. Somewhere beside him, Baka the raccoon did the same. The collision was painful, but when the pair reeled away, the most impressive splats were left up the walls. Levi rubbed his nose and grinned a very blue grin, and Baka chattered happily beside them. They'd seen this cool program on the television the night before about this artist guy that covered ladies in paint ad dragged them all over the floor as a form of art and they'd decided that it sounded like a lot of fun. Sure, Dad wouldn't be particularly impressed when he came to collect his errant six-year-old son, and mum would force them to be hosed down in the yard before she let them pt even one toe inside the house, but Levi was sure that this was worth it. They were creating art after all.

Behind him, Tieve (one of the girls in his club and also probably one of his best friends) snored loudly into a puddle of paint, her sloth/fox familiar, Todd, curled up on her er back as he flickered between forms. Levi shared a mischievous grin with Baka as he grabbed hold of the open tin of paint, and began tiptoeing towards the red headed girl.

One of the helpers, who'd left the room just long enough to go to the toilet, was in the middle of walking back down the hall when all they heard was a furious shout of, "LEVI, YOU JERK!!"

The mess that they found left them feeling traumatised for the best part of the next year.

Kami damn the infamously naughty Kendo boy and his forever messy pranks.
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L is for Lark and Levity
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