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 Holidays In The Sun

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PostSubject: Holidays In The Sun   Sun Apr 19, 2015 11:34 pm

He looked forward to this day every year. The day when his mother would declare that it was time to pack your bag because they were heading down to the Coast for the annual Summer Solstice celebration. Of course she always offered an invitation to Avis every year, but for some reason the other boy always had something else in mind for the holidays. Poor boy, he must be gutted that he was always too busy to come with them.

Anybody could see how happy he was, as the dark haired boy packed his bag that evening by the way Chika, his Red Squirrel Familiar's tail was bushed up, chattering happily as she scrambled around his body, making packing his sleeping bag rather difficult.
You only ever needed a small bag when you headed out to the coast, it was amazing how much space clothes took up, and personally he couldn't wait to be rid of them.

Of course in 'accepted society', as his mother always put it, you had to keep your clothes on, because most people just didn't understand their natural callings any more and they would persecute you for it, it wasn't their fault of course, they'd just been brain-washed by the mass media and the secret organisations that really ruled the world from behind the scenes. What must it be like for all those people like Avis that just didn't see the world for what it truly was?
But that was why he liked these holidays. Everybody who went was like him and his family, they'd been brought up with the truth pointed out to them, they saw the world in the same way he did, and it always reminded him what paradise truly was. If only everybody could be like them.

They'd be setting off tomorrow, dad was packing up the car even now in preparation so they could get up as early as possible and hopefully be at the beach before the afternoon.
With his bag now fully packed, Keenan headed through the flat to the main room where the tent was still waiting to be bundled into the car, placing his rucksack down next to it so it wouldn't be forgotten.
He'd just packed a few of the essentials, sleeping bag, dream-catcher, organic marshmallows, recycled toilet paper, and a little bit of spending money.
Although nobody at the coast liked the idea of money, he understood that as the shops there were acting within the establishment against the establishment they needed to comply with certain things like 'rent'.

"Are you excited for tomorrow sweetie?" His mother asked, a wide smile on her plump face. Keenan's mother wasn't a fat woman, but she had a sort of cuddly appearance to her, always dressed in the same colour which was usually either red, green or blue, never white or black. At the moment she was wearing a long red dress with matching feather red earrings. Keenan loved his mother, loved how she smelt, how she talked and told him things, truly all other mothers were inferior - even, dare he say it, the mothers of the other children he'd be going to the beach with.

"Really excited" he agreed, practically bouncing up and down on the balls of his feet, "I'm going to build a hill out of sand and go swimming in the sea, I hope the weather will be nice, I've even brought organic marshmallows for toasting with the other children." The blue-eyed boy beamed happily when his mother clapped her hands together in delight,
"Oh you are such a generous child Keenan. Dinner's almost ready now, I found a new Vegan recipe book, so it'll be something we haven't had before, then you'd better get off to bed, we have to be up early tomorrow."

A new meal. Now he was even more excited.

"What is it?"

"Korean Fried Cauliflower" his mother laughed, "You can lay the table if you want."


Dinner was delicious and with that over and done with Keenan settled down to sleep. He didn't usually sleep in clothes at night, unless it was really cold, but even then he preferred just to be able to snuggle down in lots and lots of blankets. But more than usual it felt special tonight, he only had to put clothes on once more for the journey and then that was it for two whole weeks.
Then on the Solstice there would be a massive party with dancing and a massive camp fire, story telling, late-night swimming in the sea. Keenan was so excited he was worried that he wouldn't be able to get to sleep that night. However, with a full meal in his belly and exhausted from his excitement, it didn't take too long.

As if in the blink of an eye his father was suddenly shaking him awake.
"Ready son? Time to go."
The clock in the main room told him that it was six in the morning, and although he was still a little sleepy, Keenan pulled on a vest top and shorts, following his parents out of the flat.

Next door, he could hear Avis' mother clattering around, probably trying to find something she needed for work that day. At least she was up early he supposed.
But he didn't concern himself with the other family for now, hurrying down the stairs after his parents instead to where the cars were parked in the underground car park - they didn't use the lifts.

To save on emissions they were picking up Lucifer and his family, so they could make the Journey down together. Carrie would also be joining them, as her large family couldn't fit everybody into their car.
Their car was quite a big one, something that Keenan was always very embarrassed about, with two seats at the front that the father's usually sat in, two seats against the back of their's, then three facing towards those where he, Lucifer and Carrie sat while their mother's chatted.

It was great to have two other Kids his age coming with them. They'd all be starting school together next April to, which their mothers were very excited about, and Keenan had to admit that it would be great to have friends there already.

As Carrie's house was nearest they drove to her place first. There usually wasn't too much worry about finding that house in a rush, as the kids usually didn't have to get up until they wanted to, so the rest of Carrie's family would probably arrive much later in the day.
Carrie however was up and waiting for them when they arrived, with a surprisingly large bag on her shoulder. She seemed to have a lot more than them, but perhaps that was just because the tiny dark haired girl needed more blankets than the rest of them.

His dad helped Carrie get her bag into the boot, then she clambered into the car taking the seat furthest away from him, leaving the one in the middle open for Lucifer.

The other boy's family was next.
As usual Lucifer's father got into the front seat with Keenan's dad so they could discuss fatherly things, while their two mothers gossiped in the back.

Lucifer was a bit of an unusual looking boy, he had quite long dark hair that fell in front of his face, only clearing it so he could glare at people with his very sharp green eyes. He was a very thin boy as well, with a pointed nose and high-set cheek bones, and sharp elbows and knees.

"Move" he ordered Carrie the moment he got into the car, indicating that she should be the one to sit next to Keenan. Well Keenan wasn't going to complain, and it was nice to see that Lucifer was kindly offering Carrie the space she'd saved for him.
The little girl however shook her head, looking up through grey eyes that sparkled happily, there, she was also being kind today and insisting that Lucifer take the place, it was nice to know his friends were so polite.

But Lucifer was shaking back his fringe, narrowing his eyes at Carrie, "I said move!"

"Now, now Lucifer dear we don't boss our friends around" his mother lightly scolded, but Carrie had already moved over to sit next to Lucifer with a warm expression on her face, swinging her legs slightly as she couldn't quite reach the bottom of the car.

From the moment the car set off, Lucifer put his headphones in his ears, simply glowering at his mother whenever she politely tried to encourage him to talk with the other children, while Carrie adorably tried to mimic the glare that kept getting Lucifer into trouble, she really was very sweet and the mothers certainly thought so to, cooing at her and telling her how precious she was, which only seemed to be upsetting the girl. Modesty was a virtue after all.

In the end Keenan just ended up listening to his mum and Lucifer's mum's stories, while Carrie and Lucifer spent most of the time zoned out, only lifting their heads when Lucifer's dad exclaimed, "Look kids, there's the coast."
And indeed the sea was now in sight as they rolled down the hill, Keenan and the mothers letting out a cheer, while Lucifer sulked into his seat and Carrie let out a sigh. Keenan decided to take this as a sign that they were sorry that this delightful car journey was almost over.
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PostSubject: Re: Holidays In The Sun   Mon Apr 20, 2015 1:54 am

Another year of this.

Back home Lucifer had screamed, he'd kicked, he'd even bitten his father, cursed them with the dark magic of Enoch, but nothing had worked. So he found himself sitting in the back of the car with cry-baby Carrie and Stupid Keenan, heading for yet another sunny holiday amongst a bunch of weirdos, with Carrie being the closest thing there was to normal on the whole Campsite, keeping in mind she seemed to actually enjoy him yelling at her and telling her off for getting in his way.

It had been an awful car journey, with their mothers talking non-stop about the latest Vegan recipes. If anybody in this car wanted to know why he was so thin, it was as a result of being fed that awful muck as long as he could remember. What was the matter with eggs and bacon and burgers? All those delicious things he'd seen other children eating.

"I have organic marshmallows for tonight" Keenan declared, opening his bag and waving them happily at him and Carrie, "Don't worry they're vegan."
Unplugging his headphones, Lucifer scowled at the other boy, "Great" he declared sarcastically, "And perhaps afterwards we can all frolic through the waves together and tell stories of another time long-since passed."

The little dark haired girl looked around at him in amusement, while Keenan just beamed, "Really?"

"No!" Lucifer growled, "What are you an idiot?"

"Luci dear, please don't use that sort of language" came the quiet reminder of his mother before going back to her conversation.
Oh she didn't want him to use bad language did she? Well, he'd have to see about that. The other night he'd overheard some of the older teenagers on his street coming home after a night at some bar or club or something, and they had used the most wonderful word.

With a wide grin on his face he turned back to Keenan, "Keenan why don't you just fuck off," in truth he said it as pleasantly as he could, knowing full well that the other boy probably had no idea what he'd just said.
There was absolute silence in the car, faces full of shock, apart from Carrie who had the widest grin on her face, looking between everybody with excitement.

Sitting back and crossing his arms, Lucifer composed a relaxed position, waiting to see who would speak first.

Finally his father cleared his throat. "Luci, son... That's a very bad word, an evil word created by the mass-media, you mustn't use it, particularly when talking to other people."
Oh Lucifer intended to have fun with this, "Right, so I can't say 'fuck off dad', but I can look out the window and say 'It's a fucking wonderful day."

Beside him, Carrie had her hands clasped over her mouth to stop herself bursting into delighted laughter, and to some extent her amusement actually drove him on.
"What if I said 'Keenan has fucking awful marshmallows that probably taste like utter crap'?" - That was another word he'd learned a while ago and had been saving up for an occasion like this.

Keenan simply nudged Carrie, blinking round at her, "What does fuck mean?"


As punishment Lucifer had to put up their tents when he arrived.

Everybody else stripped almost immediately and ran off to go and swim in the sea, but Carrie stayed behind, still dressed in her clothes thank Kami, at least he wasn't the only one with something resembling a brain here.

"Can I help?" Carrie asked, already beginning to fold the tent post into the wrong place.

"No!" Lucifer growled, snatching the post off her, "You're putting it in the wrong place," he pointed back to the stump she'd been sitting on, "go and sit over there!"
There it was, that delighted look again, as she shook her head stubbornly. Was she trying to make him lose his temper?

As if to provoke him further, she started trying to set up the outer layer on the inner layer.

"Carrie, get over there!" He gave her a small shove, not enough to hurt her, but enough to get her away from the tents, he'd be here all day if she kept messing things up like this.
Thankfully she decided to go and sit back on her post again, watching him finish up. There, three tents, one for Keenan's Family, one for his and one for himself, he presumed Carrie would be sharing with her own family when they finally got here, which really could be as late as never.

With the tents done, Lucifer began digging around in his bag for his swimming costume. He wasn't going to strip down naked like all those other weirdos, but he wasn't going to sit around cooking in the sun either.
He turned back to Carrie, expecting her to have turned her back or something, but she was still there blinking innocently at him.

With a growl in her direction, he pushed his way inside his own tent and undressed himself, pulling on his swimming trunks as quickly as possible, not wanting to be in anyway like the rest of them for any period of time.

"You should get changed now if you want to come" he told her, "Go and get changed in one of the tents," and then he added because she had a habit of not doing what he said, "And I mean it or I'll ignore you for the rest of the day with only Keenan for company!"

This seemed to work, because the shorter child returned shortly later with her swimming costume on, attempting to put on the sun-cream she'd brought with her, holding it out in an offering to Lucifer. Their parents didn't bring sun-cream, or at least not stuff that worked, it was all sticky herbs and gloop, so he huffed and snatched it off her, applying some to himself, turning around and waving a hand at her, "Do my back and I'll do yours."

It may sound like he was being kind here, but he knew putting sun-cream on was an act of defiance against their parents, so might as well ensure it was on their backs too.

Once you got used to having to ignore everybody else it was actually quite a pleasant day. The sun was shining down, not a cloud in sight, and the spray of the ocean was refreshingly cool with that nostalgic salty smell.
He and Carrie hopped a few waves, before he pushed her in and they both ended up sitting crouched in the shallows to keep their bodies submerged and cool without having to go out of their depths.

Keenan came over a couple of times, but he soon left again after he failed to get a word out of either Carrie or Lucifer, splashing off to bother some of the other children instead, his slowly burning rump disappearing off into the distance.

"I do not want to be hanging around with him this evening" Lucifer groaned, sinking back into the water, wondering if they should head back and reapply some sun-cream. Carrie looked like she was doing fine, in fact if anything she was starting to go brown, but his own pale skin was starting to turn a faint pink colour.
Without a word to the other child he'd been playing with for the last couple of hours, Lucifer got out of the water and began heading back to the camp-site where he'd left the sun-cream by his tent.
There was a splashing sound from behind him, and Lucifer didn't have to turn to know it was Carrie following him, and he didn't blame her either, he wouldn't want to be left on his own with these idiots.

He put up hand to hide his parents from sight as he walked past them. No child should have to see their parents naked like that.
Back at the tent he spotted a few of the teenagers disappearing off into the small pine forest that lay adjacent to their camp-site, probably going off to flirt or something.

A cacaw of sound caught his attention as he picked up the sun-cream from the grassy floor. Looking up he spotted Rex his Raven Familiar perched on top of his tent, eyeing Carrie's discarded pile of clothes with a hungry glint in his eye.
"Your mouse?" Lucifer checked as he began rubbing the cream back over himself, nodding towards the clothes where he figured Carrie's Familiar must be hiding.

"Oh," Carried exclaimed, running forwards and returning with her mouse Familiar, Marco, who looked a little shaken after being eyed by a hungry looking predator for what could have been the last two hours.

They went back into the sea again, and when it started to cool down sat near the camp-site on the sand while Lucifer doodled what he hoped looked like a summoning ritual into the sand, calling to the dark spirits to unleash Hell and drag all their irritating parents back with them.

"Hey guys," looking up, Lucifer groaned, he'd forgotten they were supposed to be avoiding Keenan. But the other boy didn't seem to notice his disparaging and annoyed look, "Me and some of the other kids are going to make a fire and roast the marshmallows, do you want to come?"

"No!" The green-eyed boy had replied before Keenan could even finish his sentence.

For a moment something that resembled a flicker of annoyance passed over the other boy's face, but it was shortly gone again as he turned to Carrie, "and what about you?"

Lucifer turned away from both of them, he doubted Carrie would say yes, but who was he to stop her if she wanted to go.
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PostSubject: Re: Holidays In The Sun   Mon Apr 20, 2015 2:52 am

Carrie wasn't a silly girl. Well, not entirely.

She had the things she liked and the things she didn't, and one of the things that she didn't like was going on holiday. Another was naked people. Or bare feet. The final thing that she disliked was Keenan Brody.

The problem with Keenan was just that he was so silly, and happy and... and... stupid that Carrie - usually nice, non-judgemental Carrie - simply disliked him immensely. She honestly wanted as little to do with him as possible.

So when Keenan came and asked her and Lucifer if they wanted to go and roast his marshmallows, the obvious answer was a resounding, 'NO!'

However, Lucifer (one of her very favourite things), hated Keenan too and so, outright refused. Carrie loved seeing Luci angry or frustrated, and one of the best ways to get this affect was to side with Keenan or his parents.

Carrie considered joining Keenan for a short while, but after a moment, simply shrugged this possibility off. There wasn't a chance of it, because then she'd be stuck with a bunch of naked crazies, and Luci would probably be happy about being left alone. Instead, she shrugged her shoulder hard and stepped closer to Lucifer, Marco still in hand.

Keenan sighed and shook his head, saying something about being sorry they'd miss out as he skipped off towards his weird new friends, and Lucifer took the opportunity to try and slip inside his tent.

Or rather, their tent. There wasn't a chance in the world that Carrie was sleeping with her parents and siblings again. SHe'd rather spend an entire day with Keenan. Provided he was dressed. His dangly little Turtle made her uncomfortable.

Carrie left Luci without a word, instead moving towards his parents tent next door and poking her head inside to spot her bag. No one was around, and so dragging the heavy thing out and over the small stretch of grass was surprisingly stress free. When she reached Lucifer's tightly zipped tent, she undid the opening without so much as a greeting and happily tumbled inside, Luci peering up with a look of grumpy hesitancy.

"Oh, so you're staying here now, are you? Not running off to toast stupid organic marshmallows?"

She shook her head and dropped her bag unceremoniously next to his, before rooting through one of the front pockets. Melty chocolate bar and proper marshmallows in hand, Carrie sat down on the bed beside Luci and held the treats out as a consolation.

He grumbled and huffed a lot, but Carrie could tell as they set about eating their sticky and highly forbidden (by his parents, at least) treat, that Lucifer was actually fairly pleased with this turn of events.

The next hour or so passed in relative peace in the furnace of Lucifer's tent, before the stifling heat began to make the boy crabbier. He stood and marched right out of the tent towards the water, ad as always, Carrie followed behind. When he stopped at the edge of the water line and she bumped into him (perhaps on purpose) Lucifer fell into the wade. He turned with a fierce glare and began shouting angrily, but Carrie was fleeing. Naturally, the far taller, far skinnier child gave chase, and the two of the (still smothered in chocolate and sticky with marshmallow) tripped and shoved and played (though Lucifer would probably never admit it) in the water. It was lovely.

At around seven o'clock in the evening, the rest of Carrie's family arrived in a noisy, squawking riot of naked hayem. Carrie frowned ad glowered at her horrid, loving parents, sticking so close to Lucifer that he felt the need to push her over not once, but thrice.

After vehemently refusing to join her parents for dinner, and Lucifer trying the same with his (before failing terribly) the two six-year-olds were escorted by Luci's mum to one of the barbecues. Tummies grumbling, it did neither child any good to deny themselves food any longer, and really all it took for Carrie to settle was Lucifer settling, first. They had a fairly bland dinner of grilled vegetable skewers and barbequed corn on the cob (which wasn't particularly filling).

The rest of the evening passed with the two clothed children avoiding their families and sustaining various bruises, and when it came to bed time, both crawled into the tent to change.

Lucifer was so offended about the thought of Carrie changing into nightclothes in front of him that he grabbed his pyjamas and marched to the nearby toilets. Carrie, meanwhile, donned her favourite night shirt (so long it went past her knees) and dragged her sleeping equipment over beside Lucifer, snuggling down with her head on his pillow and a very sneaky smirk on her face.

When he returned, grumbling loud threats through the door about how she better be dressed, and finally peered inside, he was furious.

Carrie thought the whole thing was hilarious, and delightful, of course.

It took them at least another hour to settle the sleeping arrangements (one bed on either side of the tent), and even after that, Luci was grumbling. Carrie went to sleep with a smile on her lips and a giggle caught in her throat.
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PostSubject: Re: Holidays In The Sun   

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Holidays In The Sun
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