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 O is for Optimism

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PostSubject: O is for Optimism   Mon Apr 20, 2015 1:55 am

The smallest of the three brothers (despite being middle child) reached for the basket ball, grinning happily when he caught hold of it with small, outstretched fingers.

The park by their house was the Diggory brother's favourite play area, with it's small (and slightly roughed-up) basketball court and climbing apparatus. While the other local children tended to stick to the climbing area and the swings, the Diggory's made the most of the basketball hoop, dribbling up and down the craggy court and repeatedly stealing the ball from one another. It was a little deflated and saggy at this point (the second they'd gotten through this month) but none of the brother's minded.

"Pass!" called Jole, the youngest by a year. Hiito, Jole's kangaroo familiar bounced playfully after Oliver, until Oliver's zebra colt, Leicester, mock-charged him.

Jack the oldest by two years, guffawed a laugh and ran with Wally, his antelope, into the playful fray, grabbing Oliver round the middle.

Despite endless evidence to the contrary, Oliver decided it would be a good idea to try aiming for the basketball hoop from his position dangling over his brother's shoulder.

He missed, of course, but the four boys laughed and roughed each other up a little, before continuing their practice, determined to continue improving.
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O is for Optimism
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