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 G is for Good Gracious

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PostSubject: G is for Good Gracious   Mon Apr 20, 2015 2:20 am

"Good Gracious," one of the minders across the room exclaimed as a boy tipped paint over the head of one of the other children, briefly catching the attention of Glory and her Sheep familiar Moo-Moo, but it looked like it was being dealt with, so she turned back to the circle of other girls she was sitting in as they continued to draw themselves the prettiest, using up almost all the glitter in the process.

"When I grow up I'm going to be the prettiest and greatest dancer the Island has ever known" Tahira beamed, emptying a pot of orange glitter over her picture and shaking it to get rid of the excess that hadn't stuck to the glue.

"Me and Grimm are going to start our own travelling story-telling caravan" Reina told them, patting her Wolf Familiar's side fondly, "We'll be as famous as those guys who wrote all the faery-tales back in the old days." She had a red paint brush in her hand and was proceeding to dab it awkwardly all over her page.

The dark haired girl in the group, Mina blinked excitedly at Reina, "Will there be princess in your story or caravan? I'd love to meet a guy who was as charming as the ones in the books, wouldn't it be wonderful?"
Reina shook her head, "No, no, they're the boring ones, and what do you want a prince for, they only like you for your looks."

Gloria listened cheerfully to all these conversations, not really bothering to put in her own say. She was just happy listening and nodding along while she covered her own picture in pretty pink flower stickers.
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G is for Good Gracious
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