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 H is for Hoping

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PostSubject: H is for Hoping   Mon Apr 20, 2015 2:34 am

"But Mama, I don't want it!" Michie exclaimed, stamping his foot suddenly so his dark brown curls fell into his face, "I like my old ones!"
He was drawing quite a scene towards them with all the nose he was making, face already starting to go red, a sign that screaming couldn't be far off now.

Hikari was smiling and nodding apologetically to the people passing them by in the shoe shop, ducking shyly if any of them looked back for too long. Why did they have to get her little brother new shoes today? She was meant to be getting her new school uniform, but if Michie ended up throwing too much of a fuss then they'd just end up going straight home.

Their tired mother swept a hand through her already messy hair, trying to force Michie to try on the new shoes. "Michie honey your old shoes don't fit you any more, look these ones are almost exactly the same."

"No!" He screamed again, thumping his little fists down on the chair, "I hate them! I hate them! I hate them!"

This was becoming unbearable now, maybe it would be easier if her mum just gave her the money and she went to get her own school uniform.
Things had been a lot easier two months ago when dad had still been with them, he'd always been good at getting Michie to behave, then mum could have taken her off to get her uniform while dad and her brother were getting new shoes.

Dad had disappeared though, only leaving a note for mum that she wouldn't let them read, although Hikari had caught her rereading it and crying sometimes. She wished she could just steal that note and throw it away, but she knew that her mum would be cross if she did.
All she knew was that he'd run off with some 'Floozy' from Kuro as her mother had put it, although Hikari didn't understand what that meant. Surely it would be like when that boy Jacan ran off last year, they'd all been out looking for him, but he'd just come back in the evening by himself stating that he could have been off with a rich family now that wanted to adopt him, but he'd come home instead because somebody needed to deal with his brothers.

So didn't that mean that dad would come back at some point to. Surely he missed her and Michie, and of course he would miss mum, so why hadn't he come home yet?
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H is for Hoping
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