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 Y is for Youta

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PostSubject: Y is for Youta   Thu Apr 23, 2015 12:21 am

It was dark and cold in the hospital. A nurse had stayed with her at first, but then there had been an emergency in another room and she'd had to go and help. Youta hadn't made her stay.
At her feet her Familiar flitted, one second a tiny quivering hedgehog, the next a howling coyote. But Youta's attention was only on the door in front of her, the door where the doctors and nurses were desperately trying to operate on her father. Her mother had been named dead before Youta had gotten to the hospital after being picked up from preschool.

A hit and run was what the nurse had told her. Somebody driving their car too fast in the busy shopping centre, they hadn't been able to stop in time. Her mother had caught the injury head on, but her father had been knocked backwards and was now suffering from internal bleeding that the doctors were trying to stop.

She'd been here for almost twelve hours. The clock on the wall at the end of the long corridor told her it had just got two in the morning. Youta had never been up this late before.
Clutched in her hands was a delicately made doll. Although it wasn't a traditionally made doll with large glass eyes and curls, it was still well made, her mother had made it for her for her first birthday.

Nobody had been able to get her to talk since she'd been told, and all Youta could do was shut herself down, close off every thought that was trying to get into her head, because she just knew if she let them they would drown her.

The door opened and a Doctor stepped out.

"Miss Tachibana?" The Doctor asked, closing the door carefully behind him with his foot. Youta didn't answer, but she watched the door closing behind him. 'My father's behind there' was the only thought running through her mind.
The Doctor sighed lightly and knelt down so he was level with her, "I'm afraid your father passed away about three minuets ago, is there anybody I can call?"

Youta's eyes snapped up to meet his, silent tears brimming in the brown irises, the only sound she made was a throaty croak. What could she say?
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PostSubject: Re: Y is for Youta   Fri Apr 24, 2015 1:31 am

; A ;

... poor baby. thank god she's not on the same table as the twins!
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Y is for Youta
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