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 S is for Sprightly

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PostSubject: S is for Sprightly   Mon Apr 27, 2015 2:50 am

Shii couldn’t quite reach the top shelf for the book she wanted. Mum wasn’t anywhere to be seen; she was probably in one of those boring adult book sections full of books full of words and no pictures at all. Chika had had to stay at home today too, lest the tiny chick pooed on any of the books. So, naturally bored out of her mind and with no one/nothing else there to occupy her with, the brunette tried to scale the shelf, kicking off her stupid sandals (Shii hated wearing things on her feet, so she only ever wore the open-toed kind). Luckily the bookshelf was very solid, and Shii was only little. The way she knocked the books with her knees and flailed her arms about probably would have ended with her being squished when it upended itself on her. Nevertheless, the bang-slap-oomph of books falling to the ground eventually garnered the attention of one of the librarians, who flew into a very, very noisy strop upon spotting Shii clinging to the top shelf, reaching grabby fingers towards Dr Seuss’ Blue Eggs and Spam. Why were adults so awfully dull and proper all the time? And why on Earth would they put books in the library if they didn’t want them read? Silly woman.
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S is for Sprightly
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