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 Y is for Yesteryear

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PostSubject: Y is for Yesteryear    Mon Apr 27, 2015 9:55 pm

Atticus hummed the song of songs and rode on her cheeks as they walked, and the plants greeted the passing pair as sunlight refracted off of stems and leaves and flower head. The flutter of wings reminded her of teaars, which was a funny coincidence, considering her friend's current mood.

"Uuuuuwoooo," her friend groaned, faint and very unhappy. Yuyuka thought he'd probably be rattling chains, if only he had them.

"On the other antennae, crick-a-crack" Atticus fluttered, stationary.

Yuyuka nodded and readjusted her big brother's baggy jacket around her shoulders. She thought that her familar had a point.

the friend was not so pleased by Atticus' argument, it would seem. "UPON!!Uuuuuooooouuuuh...... my yesterYEAR--- Auuuuuugh!"

The little six year old sighed aloud, finally speaking up as they passed the home of Mrs Grayers (who gave her a concerned looked and fled further up her garden path), "Mama and Papa say we haveta move though. An' it ain't no skin off my teeth, friend."

"And ohwon'tyoube, KINDLY! flick-flick-sneck," Attticus reassured their friend.

"OOOOOoooooooh upon my, UPON MY!" Was all their friend had to say to that. He neevr had been the best of conversationalists.
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Y is for Yesteryear
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