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 Playing Truant - Kir

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PostSubject: Playing Truant - Kir   Wed Jun 03, 2015 3:47 am

"No way, how'd you get hold of 'em?" Raphy, the oldest of the four boys, reached out to take a cigarette from the packet that Kir was offering, before striking a match from his pocket so that they could all light the white sticks between their lips. Most of the boys coughed at the first puff, but Kir Pavlov held himself together, remaining cool and composed, although his eyes watered a little.

Kir was a tall boy, who probably could be considered quite handsome if he took better care of his appearance, but his dark hair was long and disheveled, hanging low over his brown, almost amber eyes. His clothes didn't look like they'd been washed in quite some time, although his friends were never sure if this was at his request or because his parents couldn't be bothered to clean them. In his right ear were two silver piercings, he was planning to get one in his tongue when he was 16, try and spook his sister with it.

"Nicked them from my parents," his accent was thick with a Russian accent, but his Englanese was perfect. He took another puff of his cigarette, the second wasn't as bad as the first.
The other boys looked at him in awe and respect, clearly grateful for the gift, and appreciative of his skills and ability to take such goods from under his parent's noses.

Raphy grinned. He was in the ninth grade and was planning on dropping out at the end of the year, when education was no longer compulsory for him. He was a sticky haired blond fourteen year old, a year older than Kir, with unpleasant acne scaling his chin and cheeks. Raphy's plan was to open up his own business that dealt with remodeling cars and bikes for people, he wasn't sure where he was going to get the money yet, probably work for a bit in a shop somewhere.
"We'll have to get one of the new seventh graders into the gang" Raphy announced, "So baby Kir here isn't the youngest anymore."
The other two boys cheered in their approval.

"Naoki is only a few days older than me" Kir pointed out. Considering he was one of the oldest in his own year, he always found it to be pretty unfair he was referred to as 'the baby', but it would be good to have someone younger in the gang so that the others picked on him instead. He waved his own sign of approval for the idea.
Of course this meant actually going to school to find someone, something none of them really wanted to do.

All of them were supposed to be in school right now actually, but who had time for all that stuff. All school was, was bunch of teachers yelling at you for a few hours.
His sister always got a lift with the Akita's down the road, but thankfully he was left to his own devices, which meant there was no one to check where he was going.

The other boys seemed to have realised this too, because Raphy turned over a moment later to add, "As you're the youngest Kir, you have to go into school to recruit, so we expect you to trot along like a good boy tomorrow," this was said in a teasing and condescending tone that Kir decided he didn't like, so he turned round and thumped the other boy. Raphy thumped him back, then everyone was thumping everyone. This carried on a while, until their cigarettes began to run low and they had to light new ones.
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Playing Truant - Kir
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