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 Welcome to Your First Day

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PostSubject: Welcome to Your First Day   Sat Jun 23, 2018 1:22 am

Elbow resting against the door, palm flush against his face. Shin watched the countryside passing by through the window of the stretched limo escorting him to his first day of orientation at Duke Donahue's School, a prestigious academy available only to the very rich, and occasional rare scholarship program.

They’d been on the road for two hours already, and Shin was certain they must be lost, after all he’d seen barely any other cars out here, and surely there would be a high number of students heading out in this direction. Only the first years would be at the school today, as Duke Donahue’s allowed an extra day for new students to become accustomed to the academy before opening officially for classes. But, even so, there should be more cars on the road.

What about the Donahue boy? Ignatius… or whatever his name was? He was the same age as him, not that Shin had ever met the Donahue heir, but growing up in the circle he had, you tended to know these things regardless of whether or not you’d actually met the subject of discussion.

Shin had taken for granted that meant there would be at least two students in their year, as well as the girls who lived and studied in a completely separate wing of the school. Presumably there would also be a few others from Shiiro, and maybe even the odd child from Kuro.

Aristocrats and CEO’s from successful business conglomerates alike, they all sent their children to Duke Donahue’s. After all, what was the alternative? Elementary School that regular children were allowed to attend. Children who no doubt would only just be beginning their education, unable to read, write or count beyond three. How dull and mundane something like that must be.
The car was empty of course, bar the driver behind the thick privacy window. Mother was busy with her work, and father had an important social to attend. He hadn’t been expecting either of them to be here anyway, in fact having them here would have just unnerved him more due to the strangeness of such an incident.

No, he was perfectly fine as he was.

Well, truthfully, he wasn’t completely alone back here. His silver Somali Familiar was crouched warily under one of the seats, her amber eyes narrowed as she looked out across the spacious floor of the vehicle.

“It’s okay Rin” he sighed, shifting himself away from his perch against the door to tempt her out with his fingers, he was however, ignored, so Shin didn’t persist. She’d come out when she was ready, and that would probably be at the end of their journey once the car had stopped moving.

They were passing through a village now. Well it was either that or a scruffy looking hamlet.

Passing around a roundabout, Shin’s eyes fell on what appeared to be a school. Wooden and falling apart, with sections that looked like they were breaking far too many health and safety violations to even have been allowed to stay standing had they been in Shiiro.
He had heard that Duke Donahue’s was near a village of some description, this must be it.

Thankfully the limo swivelled around the roundabout and took the next road signposted to ‘Duke Donahue’s Academy – 2 miles’. The sign looked a little old and faded, but at least it gave Shin a proper indicator of where they were.

“Almost there” he urged Rin, who mewed unhappily from her hiding place.

Thankfully the bumpy, dust covered road did smooth out as they began to approach the school grounds, which rolled into view fairly soon after they’d left the village. Shin was finally welcomed with a sight more Familiar to him. Glistening stonework, beautifully trimmed gardens and the unmistakable taste of wealth and fine taste in the air.

Shin was also grateful to spot at least three more cars ahead of them who had stopped by the main gates. Not all of them were as impressive as his own, but they were still attractive looking vehicles that couldn’t have gone for any less than 17,500,000 yen.
As the car had rolled to an almost stop, Rin did stick her head out from under the seats, peering around suspiciously as she slowly crawled out and jumped up onto Shin’s lap to see what was happening outside. Her claws did dig in a bit when they moved forward again, but she didn’t hide.

When the first three cars had been cleared for entry, Shin’s own driver pulled up level with the buzzer, presumably talking to someone on the other end who checked all the reference information before pressing the button to allow them through.
Passing through the last wave of foliage, the school building itself finally became clear.

A beautiful old looking building with large outward facing windows, as well as intricate pillars and designs that showed the true majesty of the architecture. Yes, this was just as the school had been described to him, and Shin was glad that he didn’t have to be disappointed by it.

The car did a small turn around the fountain and pulled over with the others.

Knowing full well that his driver would collect his luggage and see that it was placed in the appropriate place, Shin pushed open the door and stepped out, Rin wound tightly around his neck like a small silver scarf. She appeared to be much more wary than he was of their new surroundings, but Shin was sure the feline would get used to it once they’d found a comfortable place in the sun for her to curl up and relax.

One of the other children who got out was a girl, a puffed up, blonde thing, with porcelain skin and a tiny yappy dog that bolted between Shih Tzu and Pomeranian, with every alternate yip. A DeBleu no doubt, and if Shin’s knowledge of Shiiro aristocracy was correct, which it always was, then this was Christine DeBleu, heir to one of the Senior families in the DeBleu line and engaged to Ignatius Donahue. Thankfully he wouldn’t have to see her during his time here, as she no doubt would quickly be whisked away to the other side of the school where the young ladies of this nation practise correct form and how to sip tea in a proper fashion.

Okay, truthfully Shin knew they’d be doing the same sort of work as the boys, but with Christine DeBleu standing a few yards from him in a dress that looked more like a tent than a piece of clothing it was difficult to take their entire sex seriously.

An official looking professor at the door motioned the newly arrived boys towards him, ushering them into the school building, down the hall on their left and into the main hall.

Once there, Shin found, much to his relief that there were other boys already here. Including the two he’d arrived with, there were already ten others seated in a neat row in front of the main stage.

The seats as it turned out had already been labelled with their names, so Shin found his own and sat down between two other boys, eyes fixed on the stage for a few moments, before glancing around to see how many more they were waiting for.

Presumably once every seat had been filled the headmaster would walk out onto the stage and welcome them, they’d then be taken to their dormitories until someone came to fetch them to explain the rest of the school’s proceedings. His father had already given him a run down of what to expect, and Shin knew he’d have to pay attention. His mother had made one thing very clear to him before he’d left. If his grades slipped into anything that resembled average, or word got back to her that he was in any sort of trouble, and he’d be pulled home to be raised and educated by private tutors until he was old enough to marry.

To a young wide-eyed six-year-old, that truly would be hell.
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Welcome to Your First Day
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