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 Remember To Do What I Tell You

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PostSubject: Remember To Do What I Tell You   Thu Jul 05, 2018 2:34 am

"So, what did I say?"

"Don't be a nerd, don't feel sorry for the weediest kid, and keep my mouth shut?"

Azraq rolled his shoulders in a responsive shrug to his older brother's question. They'd been over it about a hundred times already. But Rakin was insistent that he had the whole thing memorised, as if he’d actually want to break any of those promises.

The subway train rattled to a standstill, the speaker system declaring the name of the station in a sharp automated voice, one more stop and they’d be there.

Gripping his hands, a little tighter around the straps of his bag, Azraq bit the inside of his cheek. He wasn’t nervous, there was nothing to be nervous about, it was only stupid school.

“Good, because if you get into trouble I’m not telling anyone you’re my brother, and I certainly ain’t going to help you, right.”
“Right” Azraq echoed back, dark hair falling into his face with the force of the train as it started moving again.

Like he wanted his brother to step in if he needed help, that would just make him look weak, then everyone would be sure to pick on him when Rakin wasn’t around. School was bound to be just as cut-throat as it was on the estate back home, you needed to watch your own back first and foremost, no matter what was happening to anyone else.

“I’ll take you as far as the gate” Rakin informed him, “From there you keep going to the main school building, you’d have to be an idiot to miss it, there should be teachers directing first years to the assembly hall there.”

Shrugging again, Azraq secured his rucksack more firmly on his shoulders. “I can find my own way there” he sniffed, “Just follow the trail of kids wearing the same uniform right?”

He didn’t make eye contact with his brother, and a small part of him wanted Rakin to insist that he’d still walk him to the gates. He could certainly feel the older boy considering him for a few moments, before the train pulled into its final stop and declared: “Kuroishi Station, all those for Kuroishi Academy this is your stop”.

Rakin moved with the swell of other students towards the sliding doors, Azraq pushing through the crowd after him.

“Fine, but I’ll walk you home after school or mum will kill me. I’ll see you by the school gate at three,” and then, just like that he was absorbed into the throng of clambering school children, leaving Azraq to follow on, keeping himself as steady as he could while older students barged past him without a second glance. That was a lie, two older girls did glance back over their shoulders to make cooing noises at him, but they too were soon swallowed by the ocean of people.

It didn’t matter though, he knew which direction to go in, so it wasn’t like he needed anybody else to show him the way.
The crowd did begin to thin once they were outside of the underground station, breaking free into perhaps the only clear part of the city where the Kuroishi Elementary was located.

Kuro was a city famous for its tall and beautiful dark buildings, and infamous for how tightly packed it was. In fact, Azraq wasn’t sure he’d ever seen the sun shining this brightly before, as it beat down on the more suburban looking neighbourhood.

“No way, do you think that’s his little brother?”

Azraq turned his head towards three gossiping older girls who were staring at him with rapt interest from the other side of the road as they walked. They looked old enough to be in 4th Grade, the same year as his brother, so it was possible they recognised the connection, they did look rather alike after all.

Dark skin, lightly waving black hair, skinny build, but strong jawline. Rakin said they’d inherited their looks from their father, not that Azraq had ever met him, but he trusted his older brother’s word to take this as gospel.

Still, he chose to ignore the girls and carried on his way. After all, Rakin didn’t sound sure yet on whether he wanted people to know they were related, so Azraq wasn’t going to force the point.

It wasn’t a long walk from the station to the school entrance, and, now he was here, Azraq was pretty sure he could identify some of the confused looking children there as first years. Well, they didn’t know where to go, and he did. Feeling rather smug, Azraq passed right by them, intending to head in the direction of the main school building, which he was assuming was the big one straight ahead. Even if Rakin hadn’t told him that was where he was supposed to go, Azraq could have guessed.

The sound of a car pulling up did however catch his attention. It was a rather nice-looking car, certainly unlike anything anyone on his estate drove. The vehicle seemed to attract quite a bit of attention from the other children by the gate as well, but it wasn’t there for long.

The back door of the car opened, and a short, spiral limbed boy stepped out. No sooner had the door closed behind him, and the car took off again.

This boy, apparently unconcerned by the sudden disappearance of his lift, dusted off his school blazer and swept through the gates of the school as if he’d done it a hundred times before, in fact the very act of passing the threshold seemed to bore him. He passed by Azraq in the direction of the main building without a word or second glance, although the darker boy found himself watching him. He had to be a first-year student, the kid was smaller than he was. But, no way he was going to get outshone as the kid who gave the least shits on their first day.

Sticking his hands deeply into his pockets, Azraq brushed his way past the other boy abrasively, not looking back over his shoulder even though he heard the footsteps behind him pause for a few moments. What did he care that some posh prick had perhaps been a little offended?

Proudly being the first to reach the entrance hall, Azraq swung in the direction the teacher pointed as they welcome him to the school, giving his nose a firm rub of success as he stepped into the assembly hall.
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Remember To Do What I Tell You
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